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Our latest and greatest model intentionally designed for performance. This sharp looking frame is made with premium hemp composite.  The arms are corrugated and have rubber grips for maximum hold during any activity. 


RazorSun Lenses:


Polarized UV400 (pUV)


Full UV protection


RazorGrow - ZEISS Growlight Lenses:


In the indoor growing artificial lights are largely used. As a consequence,
there’s a predominance of yellow light in the environment.

UV PROTECTION: 100% protection from UV rays.

DURABILITY: premium hard coating for higher scratch resistance.

VIBRANT MIRROR: mirror with many layers for a bright and brilliant color effect.
PERFORMANCE: improved abrasion resistance and coating adhesion on temporal sides.

>Good absorption of near IR (IR-A, from 780 to 1400nm)
>Partial absorption of far IR (IR-B, from 1400 to up to 2000 nm)

Safe and relaxed vision without fatigue and heat to the eye.


  • Blue lenses help reducing yellow and orange light and enable to have a more balanced color perception.


  • The Flash Multilayer Infrared applied on the lens helps in absorbing infrared rays between 780 and 2000 nm:


  • Brown lenses increase contrasts and enhance image definition.


  • The blue light reflected by the neon artificial lights is greatly reduced.

RazorSun & RazorGrow

Lens Color

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