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hemp sunglasses
handmade sunglasses

The future is hemp

Hemp fibers are some of the longest, strongest, and most durable of all natural fibers and possess many desirable mechanical properties including high impact and flexural strength.

The cost and environmental concerns of Petro-based chemicals are driving the need for new materials that have similar mechanical properties but that are produced at a lower cost and made using more sustainable methods.

There is a whirlwind of macro-environmental factors affecting the plastics Industry. There is political/legal pressure to decrease environmental footprint. Economic concerns with the unstable and fluctuating oil prices. New technologies are opening doors to new materials that might have been unrealistic to work with in the past. There is a cultural trend of consumers wanting “green” and “environmentally friendly” products. These factors will be crucial to the success of market development.

Companies looking for a unique natural design can substitute petro-based plastics with a 100% bio-based/ biodegradable plastic made from PLA and hemp fibers. Other Biobased plastics will contain other common plastics like Polypropylene Certain applications that will be targeted are plant pots, sunglasses, and casing.

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