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These sport-style utility glasses contour to the face, blocking light from all angles.  This model is designed for exceptional functionality and comfort.


EpicSun Lenses:


Polarized UV400 (pUV)


Full UV protection


EpicGrow - ZEISS Growligh Lenses:


In the indoor growing artificial lights are largely used. As a consequence,
there’s a predominance of yellow light in the environment.

UV PROTECTION: 100% protection from UV rays.

DURABILITY: premium hard coating for higher scratch resistance.

VIBRANT MIRROR: mirror with many layers for a bright and brilliant color effect.
PERFORMANCE: improved abrasion resistance and coating adhesion on temporal sides.

>Good absorption of near IR (IR-A, from 780 to 1400nm)
>Partial absorption of far IR (IR-B, from 1400 to up to 2000 nm)

Safe and relaxed vision without fatigue and heat to the eye.


  • Blue lenses help reducing yellow and orange light and enable to have a more balanced color perception.


  • The Flash Multilayer Infrared applied on the lens helps in absorbing infrared rays between 780 and 2000 nm:


  • Brown lenses increase contrasts and enhance image definition.


  • The blue light reflected by the neon artificial lights is greatly reduced.


EpicSun & EpicGrow

Lens Color

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