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Practical Ways to Stop Climate Change from Home

Though there are still deniers in our midst, we can see the clear signs of climate change. And we understand the inevitable consequences of doing nothing about it.

However, knowing about climate change and taking proactive steps in our daily lives are two different things. If we want to see the change we are fighting for, then we must start with ourselves. Fortunately, there are many ways to combat climate change in our homes and communities. Below, Hemp3D has listed some of the most practical solutions!

Document the Upgrades

Whatever upgrades you make to your home, it’s essential to document the progress. Keep in mind the changes that can increase your property’s appraisal value so that you can factor them into your decisions. Research the housing market to look at what buyers currently want, and try to budget for eco-friendly changes that meet the criteria. And be sure to capture photos of each project before and after and hold on to your receipts for all the supplies and materials purchased.

Opt for Clean Energy

The world is moving away from fossil fuels and renewable energy plays a critical role in that initiative. Petition your state and federal representatives (and use your vote) to support green legislation and programs that emphasize clean energy investing. You may even be able to use clean energy at home; talk to your utility company to see if that’s an option.

Ditch the Plastic

Many people opt to use plastic products simply for ease and convenience. Who needs to wash dishes when you can use plastic utensils, plates, and storage containers? Although it may add a few minor steps to your daily routine (you’ll need to wash those dishes), ditch the plastic products and opt for reusable items such as glass containers, stainless steel coffee tumblers, bamboo tableware, and more. And consider purchasing reusable shopping bags so you don’t end up with a mountain of plastic bags when you take a trip to the supermarket.

There are countless other ways you can reduce your plastic usage, and every little bit helps. For example, swapping everyday plastic and synthetic items for consumer-friendly alternatives is a great way to make a difference. For example, opt for green alternatives such as sunglasses, dishes, hats, jewelry, and clothing whenever possible.

Add Insulation

Adding insulation to your home is one of the most budget-friendly ways to fight climate change while also lowering your energy bill. Older houses lose a lot of heat through the walls—some as much as 35%. With modern insulation, you will not need to use as much heat to keep your home comfortable, which is why it saves money and reduces emissions.

Use Less Energy

Speaking of energy savings, installing LED light bulbs can go a long way in reducing your utility bills. LEDs use half the energy of compact fluorescent bulbs and 90% less than incandescent bulbs. Instead of emitting heat, LED light bulbs create light by turning electrons into photons. As it turns out, LEDs last longer than other types of bulbs, which will help you cut down on long-term costs as well.

Recycle and Reduce Food Waste

Recycling is another practical method of combating the climate crisis. Using recycled aluminum products requires 95% less energy than manufacturing new ones. And if more households recycled more materials, it could do wonders in reducing carbon emissions. With that said, recycling the wrong items can block the system and cause additional waste. Therefore, it’s important to remain knowledgeable of local regulations and rinse out all of your recyclables.

Americans are notorious for throwing away a large portion of the food we purchase, and that goes for homeowners, restaurants, and grocery stores alike. Typically, people discard food because it gets spoiled before it can be used. Only buying what you need, composting scraps, and donating excess food to charities are excellent ways to reduce food waste and make a difference.

Assess Your Transportation Routine

It’s no secret that vehicles account for a lot of the world’s emissions. Along with investing in an EV or hybrid vehicle, you can help reduce emissions by voting for politicians who support the restructuring of public transit, vehicle manufacturing, and other environmentally friendly measures.

If you want to put your convictions to work, you can start taking practical steps in your daily life to help stop climate change. The tips above will give you a great starting point, but keep learning more about the climate crisis and how you can make a difference in your community and beyond. Not only will you help preserve the planet for future generations, but you will rest easy knowing you are doing your part!

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