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Sunglasses made with hemp for a greener and more sustainable world.

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Handcrafted Sunglasses, Earrings, Board Games, & Much More

Earth's Friendliest Fiber

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handmade wooden chess board

Board Games, Earrings & More

Browse from our selection of hemp  printed accessories. We have dozens of items that make great gifts. You can find everything from nifty everyday items to desk ornaments.

Natural Fashion 

Our products offer a variety of contemporary designs made from the extraordinarily fibrous hemp plant.  While you're here, take a look at some of our unique jewelry, ornaments, and displays. We are ecstatic to offer an unparalleled array of environmentally friendly alternatives to everyday items. If you can’t find an item you are interested in, simply reach out to us to get a free quote today.

“Wicked DANK hemp sunglasses for the price! Love the hemp pouch it came with!”

- D.E. | Etsy 
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handmade sunglasses
handmade eyewear
handcrafted eyewear
handmade wooden sunglasses
handcrafted wooden sunglasses
hemp sunglasses
handcrafted wooden eyewear
hemp sunglasses


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